We wish to advise that presentation submissions for the Leadership and Coaching Conference are now closed.

Conference themes

The Mind and Neuroscience

What limits and expands our thinking to inform human flourishing? (This theme encompasses such areas as mindfulness, the self, adult development, and the application of knowledge from neuroscience)

Technological Disruption, The Future of Work

How can and will technology influence how leaders navigate boundaries? (This theme seeks to uncover what is already working, what is emerging, and how to leverage advantage)

Organisational Systems, Cultures, and Values

How does leadership work with boundaries of many kinds to shape and enable organisations flourishing? (This theme is concerned with systems thinking, coaching cultures, complexity, and ethics. It picks up on opportunities for multidisciplinary thinking and action)

Women in Leadership

What is possible for creating a leadership demographic for the future that challenge boundaries that have limited the contribution of women? (This theme continues QUT’s annual exploration of the past, present and future contributions of women in shaping organisations and society)

Global and Diverse Perspectives

What different experiences and perspectives are there that can disrupt and refresh some of the accepted norms of leadership? (This theme invites alternative voices, including visitors from around the world)

Groups and Teams

How does leadership look when it shifts focus from the individual to groups, teams and the collective? (This theme explores how new models of team coaching, self-directed teams, and group coaching can combat the damaging impact of organisational siloing)

The submission process has now been finalised and reviews are underway. If you have any questions regarding your submission, please do not hesitate to contact lcc2019@qut.edu.au. 

Submissions close 7 July 2019

If you have any questions regarding the conference submission process please email lcc2019@qut.edu.au or call 3138 9357

Please note: All accepted submissions must have at least one author registered to attend the conference by 1 September 2019.