Rachel Collis

Executive, Leadership and Career Coaching – Dr Rachel Collis, Queensland University of Technology & RJC Consulting

Rachel is an experienced executive coach with clients around the world. She also teaches at the QUT Graduate School of Business in the Executive MBA program and the Executive Graduate Certificate in Leading through Coaching and Mentoring.

Rachel has a background in medicine and psychiatry and a deep interest in the science of wellbeing.

What Neuroscience Can Tell Us About How to Get the Most from Mindfulness Training

A growing body of research suggests that mindfulness training is helpful for both wellbeing and effectiveness. But what are the key components of mindfulness training that lead to these benefits and how does mindfulness create those outcomes?

Neuroscience may offer some clues. In this session we will look at how mindfulness training impacts on brain structure and function and what this may suggest about how to ensure mindfulness training is impactful in helping leaders to be more self-aware; better able to focus their attention and more equipped to regulate their emotions.