Dr Geoff Abbott

Dr Geoff Abbott,

Global Leadership Coach and Educator

Geoff’s passion is igniting energy in individuals, teams and organisations through rich conversations and processes of deep change. He is an experienced global coach and educator in leadership development across a variety of organisations and sectors.

He is a Field Mentor for Ford’s global Consumer Experience Movement in Australia NZ – managing a team of coaches across Australia NZ.

Until recently, Geoff was Director of Leadership Coaching at the Graduate School of Business at QUT in Brisbane, developing and delivering advanced programs in leadership coaching and providing corporate education to companies.

Skilled in working with teams and small groups to promote individual and collective insight that supports deeper and richer conversations about objectives that matter.

He loves facilitating rich conversations that dig into and gain energy from the paradoxes of team and organisation life. “I believe that people who disagree vehemently about things that matter have a duty to listen and engage – and work against our natural instinct to polarize. I work with clients to craft approaches grounded in values”.

Geoff has various professional interests across leadership development, complex systems and executive coaching. He is co-editor of The Routledge Companion to International Business Coaching (Moral and Abbott, 2011). He has authored articles in the field of cross cultural coaching – and coach in that field.